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Tadao Kashio was born in 1917 in the suburb of Kureta-mura. At the age of six, a Japanese man immigrated to Tokyo with his whole family because his hometown was hit by an earthquake. After graduating from high school, he took a job as a turner in a small enterprise. The owner of the establishment quickly noticed that the young employee had business skills and persuaded him to start studying at the Waseda Koshu Gakko. Impressive academic results and diligent work bore fruit in 1946, when Tadao Kashio opened his own company, Kashio Sejsakujo, based in Tokyo.

In the first years of its existence, the company produced "Yubiwa" pipes and calculators. In 1957, Tadao Kashio brought his brothers Kazuro, Toshio and Yukio to the company's board of directors. Then, by decision of the management board, the name of the company was changed to Casio Computer CO. Ltd. In the following years, the company constantly expanded the list of products offered. In 1974, the company launched the first watch with the "Casiotron" name. The model was equipped with a quartz movement invented two years earlier, an LCD display and an automatic calendar function. "Casiotron" met with favorable opinions of users, so the company's authorities decided to start working on more watches.

The 1980s turned out to be a breakthrough for the Japanese company. First, in 1981, the company created the world's first timepiece combined with a calculator. Then, using the proven methods of other watch manufacturers, she organized sports competitions to promote the brand. The choice fell on the Casio World Open tennis tournament in Japan. The high quality of products and their skilful advertising made Casio timepieces appreciated on almost all continents, which gave Japanese designers motivation for further action.In 1983, a specially appointed "Team Tough" team headed by engineer Kikuo Ibe officially completed the work on the first shock-resistant watch. The model was called the G-Shock "DW-5000C". Initially, the constructors assumed that potential customers would hail the timepiece as the most modern in the world. Paradoxically, the watch did not arouse any interest among timepiece enthusiasts. Advertising campaigns and a number of marketing activities did not bring the desired effect either. The company's authorities, looking for a golden mean, decided to advertise a modern product in an equally pioneering way. The watch was presented on the wrist of Keanu Reevs in the film "Speed: Dangerous Speed". The film was awarded with two Oscars and made the "DW-5000C" acclaimed, which translated into the extension of the G-Shock collection to 12 lines characterized by various properties.

The avant-garde G-Shock collection made Casio perceived as a company famous for its innovative solutions. The employees responsible for the success, agreeing with the company's motto, which is "Creativity and contribution", continued to work on innovative watches. In 1989, they created the first analog-digital watch. The timepiece was equipped with a sensor through which it was possible to measure height and depth. Two years later, they once again combined electronic knowledge with watchmaking, which resulted in the first timepiece with a touch screen equipped with functions unprecedented in watches, such as: telephone book, notepad, calculator and organizer. In addition, the ever-increasing interest in the G-Shock collection has resulted in the Baby-G offer for women. The first "DW-520" model was launched in 1995.

The beginning of the new millennium is the time when Casio presented several more innovative ideas. The first was the "WMP-1V" watch with a built-in MP3 player. The second, "WQV-1", a timepiece equipped with a camera. The price of the first watch depended on the capacity of the built-in memory for storing music files. The second from the resolution of the camera. The cheapest models could be purchased at a price oscillating around PLN 100.

The Asian company is currently the world's largest company focused in the electronics industry, offering watches that are recognized around the world. The company founded by Tadao Kashio is famous for the production of various types of electronic equipment, but above all for modern watches characterized by a unique appearance, practical use thanks to a large number of functions, high quality and affordable price. Casio's greatest success is breaking the invisible frontier of prestige. Casio watches are dedicated to everyone who values quality, that's why they are worn by ordinary people, singers, actors, athletes and even politicians..

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