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Eduard Kummer is the creator of one of the most popular brands of timekeeping devices in the world. In 1888, the Atlantic company was founded in Bettlach, Switzerland, originally named Eduard Kummer Bettlach (abbreviated EKB). Its logo features an anchor and a compass, and the name is associated with great water. The initial activity of the company was focused on the production of watch components for well-known Swiss brands such as Certina or Longines. From 1932, however, it began producing its products under its own name. At that time, Atlantic watches were distinguished from other brands by their water resistance.

Innovation and precision

An extremely significant event in the history of the company was the invention of a mechanism for quickly moving the date window using a crown. This made it possible to speed up the date setting by as much as 52 times. Suffice it to say that this invention is used in all of today's watches all over the world. During the 110 years of the company's operation, many revolutionary constructions have been created. The most famous model of the brand that broke all records of popularity was the Worldmaster. This Atlantic men's watch belongs to the Art Deco collection and is still produced today. It is distinguished by a unique design that is a perfect combination of classic and modern.

Atlantic is not for everyone

Originally, Atlantic timepieces were only for the upper class. It was decided by prohibitive price. Not everyone could afford such an expense. However, over time, the concept of the company has changed and it has decided to be more accessible. Watches have not lost their quality, but their cost has dropped significantly, making them more common.

Atlantic watches on the Polish market

In Poland, Atlantic watches appeared in 1950 and were immediately noticed due to their characteristic stylistic line. Traditional envelopes with a classic shape quickly appealed to the clientele. Initially, products for men were the most popular. Each model of this brand is equipped with a Swiss mechanism. It is also worth noting that the Polish ambassador of the brand is Krzysztof Hołowczyc - one of the most talented rally drivers.

The most popular Atlantic models

Over the years of its activity, the company has created numerous collections of timepieces. The most famous of them are:

  • Elegance – women's models with a typical jewelery shape;
  • Seabase - a collection of elegant chronometers on decorative straps and bracelets;
  • Seagold - the most prestigious gold collection, where every metal part is made of 14 carat gold;
  • Sealine - the cheapest timepieces for both men and women;
  • Worldmaster - the richest and most popular collection of this brand. They are dedicated especially to men who value high quality and durability;
  • Seashore - their characteristic feature is water resistance at the level of up to 10 atmospheres;
  • Skipper – a typical male model distinguished by solid workmanship.

An investment for years

When deciding to buy this type of watches, you should be aware that it is a reliable investment. Swiss mechanisms are considered to be one of the most precise and durable, so you can enjoy them for many years, regardless of whether you choose a model on a bracelet or a leather strap.

Best Practices

The Atlantic brand uses ETA mechanisms in its timekeeping devices. In addition, the company returned to using the ETA Valjoux 7750. It was extremely popular in the 1980s. It was used in most factories of the best quality watches. Despite its mass production, it did not lose its quality, which is why it was so eagerly used. Although new designs and movements are being developed, the ETA Valjoux 7750 still remains the segment leader when it comes to the highest quality chronographs.

Simplicity and elegance

Both the latest models and the older ones are characterized by one extremely important feature. They have a traditional, most classic envelope. This simplicity is the factor that determines the high demand for Atlantic watches. Of course, the precision of their workmanship is equally important, which is combined with durable and waterproof elements, thus constituting a reliable mechanism.

Our store's offer includes many interesting Atlantic watches that are worth the attention of every interested customer.

When someone asks about a timeless accessory that will complement any stylization and give it elegance, we will answer that it is about a watch. In our store you will find them both on the strap and on the bracelet. Each Atlantic model is distinguished by the excellent quality of workmanship by Swiss masters, thanks to which it can serve its owner for a long time. These timepieces have the most classic versions of cases that may surprise you with the number of built-in functions.

Each series has its own characteristic feature, so when deciding to buy, it is worth paying attention to it and adjusting the timepiece to your own preferences. Atlantic watches combine what is modern with a hint of traditional and proven solutions. Thanks to this combination, their mechanisms are durable and reliable, despite the passing years.

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