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Longines watches - history of the brand

The luxury watch brand Logines was born in Switzerland in 1832 when Auguste Afassiz founded it. From the very beginning, the company drew inspiration from tradition, thanks to which it quickly gained a reputation around the world. Longines watches are appreciated above all for their high quality and unique design, which stands out regardless of the prevailing trends. The symbol of the brand is the Winged Hourglass, which is to prove the timeless style of the timepieces offered. Longines watches are not only elegant design, but also high functionality and the use of advanced technologies. The brand made a permanent mark in the history of sports with the introduction of the electric method of timing during races that took place in 1912. Since then, it has become an official partner of numerous international sports events, such as the summer and winter Olympic Games. Interestingly, Longines has also made a name for itself in aviation, and especially in navigation. The famous Charles Lindbergh chose a Longines men's watch to navigate the Atlantic flight on which his life depended. The chronometer also proved to be reliable during other historical events. Commander Byrd also chose a Longines men's watch when he conquered the Pole, and his navigation turned out to be irreplaceable this time as well.

Longines watches, a masterpiece of innovation

The Longines brand is not limited to interesting design. It constantly improves its products and makes them even more functional. It is also a pioneer of innovation in the field of timepiece mechanisms. For this reason, it has been appreciated many times. Longines men's watches, as well as their women's models, have received numerous awards, including the Grand Prix, e.g. Antwerp 1885, Paris 1889, Brussels 1897, Paris 1900, Milan 1906, Brno 1914, Genoa 1914, Paris 1925, Philadelphia 1926 and Barcelona 1929. However, this is not all of Longines' achievements. In total, she won 10 Grand Prix and nearly 30 other major awards in prestigious international competitions. Thus, she set a still unbeaten record. Longines men's watches have thus become the most appreciated timepieces in the world.

What distinguishes Longines watches?

Both Longines women's and men's watches are made of high-quality materials that will prove reliable in all conditions, as they have already proven many times. For this reason, they are eagerly used by world-renowned personalities, including heads of state and members of royal families. Longines watches are also eagerly worn by movie stars, famous artists or outstanding athletes.In 2001, the brand's 30 millionth watch was sold, and in 2007 it celebrated its 175th birthday. Despite this, he still does not stop creating new concepts and projects. We are sure to be delighted by many more Longines women's watches, as well as its men's version.

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