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CITIZEN drives the world of watches based on a philosophy of constant pursuit of perfection deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. The name itself, CITIZEN, expresses a belief in creating watches that citizens around the world will love. The original technologies of CITIZEN watches come from the same source: groundbreaking technological research that takes into account the real needs of ordinary people: Super Titanium™, Radio Controlled, Satellite Wave and, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year - the Eco-Drive module!

In 1976, CITIZEN introduced a breakthrough innovation to the world: an analog quartz watch powered by light, using light as its sole source of energy. This technology, now known as the Eco-Drive module, can generate power from any light source - even dim artificial light - to keep watches running without having to replace the batteries.

In 1970, CITIZEN produced the world's first titanium watch: the "X-8". Since then, processing technology has been refined, including stamping, cutting and polishing the material, which was considered very difficult to machine. After overcoming many obstacles, in 1987, the first watch made entirely of titanium was created, now CITIZEN offers Super Titanium™ - a special material created using a unique technology of processing titanium and hardening its surface with Duratect technology.

In 1993, CITIZEN launched the first Radio Controlled multi-wavelength watch and, as a pioneer of this technology, continues to dominate the field. The world's first light-powered "satellite" was unveiled in 2011 and achieved the world's fastest signal reception time of 6 seconds, and in 2014 its successor took just 3 seconds. In 2015, CITIZEN introduced the world to the light-powered Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900, the latest satellite-synced multi-functional watch made of Super Titanium™ with a dual time display function as well as a GPS receiver for location information. Combining all the latest solutions, CITIZEN offers an ultra-precise timepiece, constantly continuing to improve its technologies.


Powered by light, which drives the watch mechanism, you can forget about the problem and cost of replacing the battery. Thanks to this, there are fewer batteries thrown away in the world, and users of CITIZEN watches can enjoy a reliable ecological power source. CITIZEN Eco-Drive technology generates energy from any light source - natural or artificial, bright or dimmed. It is therefore enough to normally wear the watch on the wrist to charge itself with light. After fully charging the watch, i.e. exposing it to, for example, sunlight for about 8 hours, the mechanism will work even more than half a year. The power saving option when in complete darkness allows the watch to run in the background. The time is still precisely measured and the watch activates after catching the first rays of light and shows the correct time.

Super Titanium

CITIZEN Super Titanium™ watches are 50% lighter than comparable stainless steel watches thanks to the use of a special "space-like" material. They rest imperceptibly on the wrist, whatever the wearer does. Cases and bracelets made of Super Titanium™ ensure many years of enjoyment of wearing a CITIZEN watch that does not change its appearance over time. This material is 5 times harder and more scratch resistant than stainless steel. Super Titanium™ offers incredible wearing comfort: light, durable and safe: this unique material is hypoallergenic and rust resistant.

Radio Controlled

The time accuracy of a radio controlled watch is comparable to an atomic clock, which is contained in the signal captured by a CITIZEN Radio Controlled watch. The margin of error is 1 second in a million years. There are currently 5 radio towers in the world broadcasting the time signal for CITIZEN watches, located in 4 geographical regions (Germany, USA, China and Japan).In Radio Controlled watches, it is also very easy to change the time zone of your destination. The CITIZEN Radio Controlled watch corrects the time automatically. The signal is captured at night (between 2 am and 4 am), when the radio noise is the lowest and the signal is the strongest. The watch ensures the right time every time you wake up.

Satellite Wave

CITIZEN Satellite Wave operates worldwide. It receives precise time data from satellites orbiting the Earth, exactly for the time zone in which the watch is located. It doesn't matter if it's a desert, a snowy mountain peak, the middle of the ocean or the sky above it. The CITIZEN satellite-synced watch can capture the time signal in just 3 seconds, even while in motion. Changing the time while traveling to another time zone has never been so easy, fast and fun. There are at least 24 satellites around the Earth. The CITIZEN Satellite Wave watch captures signals from at least 4 satellites to determine your exact location and precise time. What's more, the technology allows you to connect to the satellite signal even while on the move.

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